For Average Golfers: TaylorMade R9 SuperMax Driver Review

Published: 10th June 2011
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If you are looking for drivers, there is no need to find elsewhere. Why? Because Taylormade have already made eough high quality drivers for you to choose. Now they have the TaylorMade R9 SuperMax Driver. Is that made for you? Get the answers below.

Look They Look More Mature

It does follow along the lines of the the R9 progression in that it now has a black satin head. It looks a lot more "mature". Black finish when done well on a driver can look very cool and done poorly can look very cheap. The R9 Supermax has a mix of IP black finish in the sole center plate where the logos are coupled with matte black finish and red accents. The grooves in the head design make it look more muscular. The face is that nice black satin and it has the white score lines in the center. It is quite long heel to toe as the typical miss for the average golfer is horizontal rather than vertical. There are no removeable weights in the Supermax, it's weighted for a straight ball with weighting towards the back of the longer shallower head.

Technology - Adjustable to Eight Different Positions

Like all other R9 drivers, the R9 SuperMax Driver also features Flight Control Technology which allows for the head to be adjusted to 8 different positions altering trajectory and direction by changing the loft, lie and face angle. With the new FCT Sleeve the R9 Supermax comes in at an ultralight weight of 287g (R Flex)! This makes for increased swing speed and more overall distance for the average golfer. The all Titanium head features an inverted cone technology face and ultra thin wall crown at 0.6mm.

Performance - MAX Distance and MAX Ease of Use

The 460cc conforming black Supermax features high MOI and higher launch and big carry thanks to a deep and low center of gravity. The shallower face and larger head provide a large sweet spot and confidence at address.

Also, the Supermax is forgiving. It's a shallow head so tee'ed lower my misses are towards the toe and it does not lose much distance. Some distance and direction is lost off of low heel hits but this is common with most drivers. The shaft has good feel and I can feel it load and release right before impact. An aggressive swing results in a bit of a push to the right as the shaft seems to not unload in time leaving the face angle open a bit. These are typical characteristics of a mid to higher torque shaft which help the head square at impact especially for the player who is not as strong or quick, but on the other hand an aggressive player can force the shaft to either not unload in time or with too much wrist action create a pull/hook.


Overall, the R9 Supermax provides pretty good results for the average golfer and those with a smooth swing looking for more distance. If you feel it suits you well, you can cheak golf shopping shop online for discount price.

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